Monday, December 27, 2010


Samuel was born December 11, 1790.  (Where ???)
He died December 4, 1834 in Hempstead County, Arkansas.

Samuel's obituary appeared in the "Arkansas Gazette" newspaper of Little Rock, Arkansas dated December 23, 1834.  Quoting that publication:  "Major Samuel B. Davis died at Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas Territory, on the fourth day of December 1834, one of the oldest settlers in that part of the Territory.  Major Davis was born and raised in Kentucky and for several years previous to his emigration to Arkansas resided in the state of Missouri.  Hempstead County perhaps could not have lost a more valuable citizen.  He was a highly resourceful gentleman, a useful and ingenious mechanic, an affectionate husband and father, and a generous and devoted friend.  The citizens of Hempstead County, to most of whom he was well known, unite with his bereaved widow and orphaned children in deploring his untimely death." 

Why was the title of "Major" given to Samuel???  What war did he participate in?  The War of 1812??  Does anybody have any information on his military service?????????